Fortville Feeders - Custom Feed Systems

We design and build automated parts feeder systems to meet your unique manufacturing needs.

Fortville Feeders, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of automated parts feeder systems.  We have been on the cutting edge of solutions for the automation industry since 1979.

We are known in the industry as The Parts Handling Specialists.  We have over 30 years of experience in the automation industry.  We design systems and components for all industries, including Medical, Home Goods, Automotive and Consumer Products.

Our basic components:

  • Feeder Bowls
  • High Tolerance Tracks
  • Bulk Supply Hoppers
  • Gondolas / Dumpers
  • Mechanisms
  • Step Feeders
  • Flex Feeders 

Apart from our primary components, we provide isolation ancillary components for nearly 80% of our systems.  These include, escapements, cross shuttles, star wheels, escape and blow, rotary actuators, etc.

We realize that feeder systems are often over simplified in their function of material handling.  Many suppliers will leave customers with the complete responsibility of the part after it has completed its feeder journey.  We strive to be sure that the transition from the feeder to you is a clean flawless transfer. 

Whether you’re an end user looking to decrease your material handling or an OEM putting our feeder in a machine with your companies name on it, Fortville Feeders, Inc. offers the quality, reliable product you are looking for.

We view our customers as partners, not a single sale but for the long run.  We meet regularly with you to learn how our systems can better meet your needs and work to incorporate these needs into our products, leading to innovations that separate us from the competition.

Fortville Feeders, Inc. takes pride in our process and productivity.  Come see it for yourself.  We know you’ll be impressed.

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