Sciemetric - Data Management and Analysis

Smart solutions for the smart factory

Connect machines, tests and processes in your industrial operations for the insight you need to make improvements—today. 

Sciemetric offers hardware and software solutions that help you bridge the gap between your production processes and the insight you need to improve them. 

Sciemetric has worked with manufacturers for over 25 years to solve their biggest productivity and quality issues, and optimize their production lines quickly. Sciemetric’s people are specialists in modern manufacturing, with technology, products, and experience that span the assembly line and beyond. To harness the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, it’s not enough to just collect data from processes. Sciemetric’s data management and analytics capabilities help customers achieve actionable insight in real-time. This empowers individuals to become effective agents of change in their organizations and drives continuous improvement in quality, profitability and efficiency. The breadth and depth of Sciemetric’s expertise comes of walking thousands of manufacturing lines, creating hundreds of applications, and installing thousands of systems worldwide.